Who knew a simple swipe mechanism not only protects your camera but also your privacy. Our shock-proof silicone material offers an amazing non-slip & comfortable grip. 

A pink GIF animation of the Modzie Case camera swipe mechanism

Protection where it counts.

Replacing a cracked screen is one thing, but a cracked lens? No thanks. Our simple swipe mechanism will not only protect your precious camera but also offers much needed privacy as you really don't know who or what can tap into your camera these days. 

Clumsy proof.

Both our Modzie phone case ranges offer the best in shock-proof protection that we've tried and tested ourselves (and yes that did include a lot of smashing!)

A pink GIF animation of the Modzie Case dropping on the floor, displaying it's shook proof qualities
A pink GIF animation of the Modzie Case swapping between different models to showcase the range of phone models the case can accomodate

We don't discriminate.

We're trying our hardest to accomodate as many iPhone models as we can whilst simultaneously keeping up with demand. If your phone model is just outside our range, please reach out to us and we'll try to accomodate your needs.